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The variety and excellence of Marian Komacek’s oeuvre – graphic paints, paintings and illustrations – rank it among the lasting treasures of Slovak visa arts from the of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries. His expressive, linear, dynamic graphic works and paintings, rendered in contrasting colours, have been remotely inspired by new figuration, gestural painting and fantastical ,surrealist poeticism, enhanced by the expressive character of Slovak graphic art of the turn of the centuries in an inspiring connection with international art. Rendered in his own distinctive artistic expression, the artist masterfully exploited a whole range of stimuli and inspirations, drawing particularly on renowned English painter of expressive figuration Francis Bacon (1909-1992) and his distorted figures, and on the Italian painter Alberto Sughi (1928) who captured much attention at the exhibition of his large format figurative works stated in Prague. He was also inspired by other artists, including German graphic artist Paul Wunderlich (1927) and his figural lithographs, and by the French-born American artist Arman (1927-2005)

1959The painter Marián Komáček was born on 11 december 1959 in Gbely, Skalica district
1975–1979studied with prof. Gabriel Štrba in the Department of Graphic Art at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava.
1979–1980worked with the Slovak Art Fund and Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava
1980–1986trained with prof. Albín Brunovský in the Department of Book Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava
since 1987has been a member of the Association of Visual Artists of West Slovakia
1988completed educational journeys to Florencie, Venice and Verona
1990completed educational journeys to Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
since 1993has been a member of the Association of Book illustrators in Bratislava
since 1994has been a member of Slovak Society of Graphic Artists in Bratislava
1995organised the First International symposium of Graphic Arts in Moravany nad Váhom
1996a co-founder and member of the G–BOD Association of Graphic Artists
1997completed educational journey, International artists club ART DIAGONAL in Vienna, Austria
1998completed educational journeys to USA and Canada
since 1999has been a vice-chairman of the G–BOD Association of Graphic Artists
since 1999has been a chairman of Slovak Society of Graphic Artists in Bratislava
Marián Komáček is concerned with graphic art, painting, ex-libris, book illustration, postage stamp design and graphic design. He has received numerous awards for his works. The artist lives and works in Devínska Nová Ves, a metropolitan district of Bratislava.
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